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Landscaping in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Landscaping includes almost any type of decorative or practical enhancement done to a landscape. Good landscaping can naturally enhance your property’s beauty, productivity, and organization. And that’s exactly what we offer at MGM.

We at MGM complete any size landscape jobs with impressive results for our clients. From initial contact to project completion, we walk our clients through every detail and step of the process, whether they’re at the brainstorming ideas phase or the building phase with our dedicated workers.

We offer many hardscaping services: Shrub & Tree Trimming, Pruning, Mulching, Stone Installation, New Island Design & Plant recognition, 2D - 3D Layout Design, Commercial & Residential Design Set up, and Decorative Terraces.

Here are some examples of our work:

  1. A luxurious driveway and front yard

This driveway and front yard in Franklin Lakes, NJ needed greenery and plants to enhance it’s appearance. Our expert workers installed many plants selected by the client. The result was a gorgeous driveway our clients would be proud to drive home too!

  1. Two beautiful residential stone backyard installations

Our clients in Franklin Lakes, NJ, wanted to replace their grass backyards with stone ones! After a grueling grass removal and stone installation, our clients were left with beautiful stone backyards made with the stones they chose in the design they chose. The result was tremendous backyards that would greatly enhance their outdoor life!

Thank you for reading our blog post! Contact MGM property care for all your landscaping needs!

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