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MGM's Hardscaping in Wayne, NJ

Hardscaping includes almost any type of decorative or practical structure in a landscape. It is a critical part of landscape design because good hardscaping can provide definition and organization to the natural aspects of your property. And that’s exactly what we offer at MGM.

We at MGM complete any size hardscape jobs with impressive results for our clients. From initial contact to project completion, we walk our clients through every detail and step of the process, whether they’re at the designing stage with our in-house designers or the building stage with our dedicated workers.

We offer many hardscaping services: Walkways & Garden Paths, Outdoor Kitchens, Veneer Installations, Retaining Walls & Stone Walls, Seating Walls, Water Features, Stone, Brick, and Concrete Pavers, Fireplaces and Firepits, Gazebos & Pergolas, Water Falls, and Ponds.

Here are some examples of our work:

  1. A beautiful swimming pool and sitting area

This backyard in Wayne, NJ was designed with luxury in mind and made from fine stone. The big swimming pool has two shallow areas that both connect to a larger deep swimming area. The sitting area is located above the pool towards the end of the backyard for optimal shade. The aesthetic divider between the sitting area and the swimming pool has beautiful trees to enhance the appearance of the backyard.

2. A beautiful stone project

This stone project is still in the works but utilizes high-quality stone to create a beautiful garden for the homeowners.

Thank you for reading our blog post! Contact MGM Property Care for all your Hardscaping needs!

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